Amos Horace


Priscilla Horace


Considering the demand of organic Liberian Food items in Texas and the rapid growth of the Liberian community with very few importers of quality organic African food products and stores, by the special grace of God , Priscimos Enterprise Global with Liberian and African universal food products, (PEG) has seen the need to decrease if not eliminate the scarcity of quality organic universal food products. In 2018, the idea of PEG was placed on our hearts (Amos & Priscilla) through the revelation of the Holy Spirit before traveling to the USA. Within our second year of living in the USA, we started by transferring funds to Liberia to buy a variety of dried fish, ready made African clothes from Liberia and other products. In 2021, we added the palm oil since the Liberian wing within the African community raised concerns of not getting their own Liberian made palm oil. September 2021, we brought the first 135 gallons of palm oil (equivalent to 27 tins of the 5 gallons liter).

Today, PEG is shipping 500-1000 gallons of palm oil and within a year along with several cartons of dried fish and other African and Liberian materials. We have customers in Texas, other states of the USA including Australia and Canada.